Travelling to Ireland for the first time: What to expect in 2022

Travelling to Ireland for the first time: things to consider

If you have not yet read the 10 benefits of travelling to Ireland, I invite you to do so! If you have, I guess now you’re wondering what are there things which need considering when travelling to Ireland in 2022? Here is a short list of some important topics to consider. I personally don’t think these things should put you off coming, but they are topics you should think about and be prepared for.

It’s Expensive

Renting a car

OK, so we’re all living in a world of inflation and everybody is watching their pennies a little bit more, and travelling to Ireland is something which may seem unaffordable for many, which on paper seems really understandable.

The price for a the smallest rented car from Dublin Airport is over 1,000 Euros for a week in summer, which is insane. But the shortage of cars in general has lead to this, on top of inflation. But I’m convinced you can see plenty without renting a car. If renting a car is your top priority, have a look below for the best rates.

Insider Tip: Make Belfast or indeed anywhere in Northern Ireland your pick-up location and save a fortune!



The price of accommodation has skyrocketed too, but there are ways around this. Ask yourself, do I really need to stay in a hotel? Maybe you could be missing out on staying in an Irish Bed & Breakfast if you do opt for a hotel.

Do you need to only stay in the touristy parts of the country? I can guarantee you there are countless locations in Ireland that are rarely mentioned on any guidebook, where you can stay for a far more reasonable price. And then you’ll come home wondering why your guide book never recommended a visit to that region!

Scan around for some ideas for accommodation. Remember, many bed and breakfasts are included in this platform:


Temple Bar and Other Tourist Traps

Certain areas of Dublin-namely the tourist trap ‘Temple Bar’ are notorious for their prices (anything up to and over 8 Euros for a pint) but there are ways around this too! Ask yourself if there are 800 pubs in Dublin, is it worth spending an evening with your partner in this location and spending anything between 50 -70 euros (depending on your love for Guinness) on drinks alone? That’s not to say you should not visit Temple Bar, the place is buzzing most of the time, but be wary of the prices!

The Weather

You can be lucky, you can be unlucky. It’s pretty much a 50/50 chance for decent weather. A common misconception is that it always rains in Ireland. That’s not completely true!

The most common type of weather, especially near the Atlantic, is changeable. You could have 2 hours of glorious sunshine, followed by a quick shower, or the other way around. It does mean though that rainbows are very plentiful.

Photograph: Travelinsure

I deal with climate in more detail here. Generally speaking, the driest months are May and September.

The south-east of the country, the county of Wexford to be precise, gets the most sunshine hours. That’s earned it the nickname: ‘The Sunny Southeast’

Being prepared for the weather is vital and you’ll need to pack quite a lot, but this should not put you off visiting Ireland. As the fella says, there’s no such a thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. Winters are significantly milder than most European countries, but also wetter

The Irish Roads and Driving

Categories of Roads

I reckon some of the roads in Ireland are a tourist attraction in themselves! In all fairness though the road network has improved dramatically in recent years. All major cities are joined by motorways (‘M’ roads) and most major towns are joined by very decent roads (‘N’ roads) It’s when you get to the regional (‘R’ roads) and local (‘L’) roads where things get interesting! These are generally also the most scenic roads, and some of them have barely enough room for a donkey to swing its tail.

Driving Challenges and Alcohol

Driving on the left can be a challenge for many who are not used to it, driving with a manual (stick shift) gearbox can be too, but this generally gets a lot easier after a one to two days of practice.

The good news is that in the countryside there is so little traffic – well apart from sheep in the far west of Ireland – they rule the land, and won’t budge for you!

Bottom line: don’t feel you are under pressure behind the wheel, take it easy. Last and by no means least, there is a zero-tolerance attitude to drink-driving in Ireland.

Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport has been in the news for all the wrong reasons of late. Since the general relaxation of regulations, travel has obviously been on the increase, and it seems the whole world wants to fly again and many are keen to travel to Ireland.

The lack of security staff and the huge number travelling has led to chaos in Dublin Airport, where some people travelling outbound have missed their flights, even though they arrived 3 hours in advance.

source: RTE

Now, some good news. This issue has been sorted as of 09.06.2022, and things are running smoothly again. But if this worries you, look at other options such as flying to Shannon, Cork, Belfast or Knock. You may have to get connecting flights to get to these smaller airports, but at least there is a Plan B, and these airports are significantly less busy than Dublin. If you are coming from the UK, and planning to explore by car, then going by ferry would be a very useful option.


Here, the direct information regarding the current situation in Ireland:

‘’From Sunday 6 March 2022, travellers to Ireland are not required to show proof of vaccination, proof of recovery or a negative PCR test result upon arrival.

There are no post-arrival testing or quarantine requirements for travellers to Ireland.

Any individual that develops COVID-19 symptoms while in Ireland should follow the HSE guidance in relation to isolation and undertaking antigen or PCR testing as appropriate’’-

This does not mean that the virus has magically disappeared from Ireland. Up to, and as of June 13, 2022, 1.57 million have contracted the illness. It is almost impossible to see just how prevalent the virus is currently, due to the fact that so few tests are being carried out in Ireland. General common sense is still required in crowded indoor places such as pubs, restaurants, indoor venues.

This, of course, can change at an time so keep an eye on

It is worth noting that entry back into The USA is only allowed with proof of vaccination, with only limited exceptions to the rule. Always keep yourself up-to-date and informed.

These are some of the things to consider when travelling to Ireland in 2022. Are they big enough reasons to put you off coming? If there are any questions of comments, let us know below in the comments!

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