Where exactly was ‘Irish Wish’ filmed? (7 key locations)

If you have recently watched the new Netflix romantic comedy ‘Irish Wish’ and are wondering about the beautiful filming locations on display, you’ve landed in the right spot!

‘Irish Wish’ was filmed in various locations, mainly on the east and west coast of Ireland, all of which you can visit. Our guide is going to direct you to these exact locations, as well as giving you a brief overview of where to stay and what to do nearby.

Where was ‘Irish Wish’ filmed?

  • County Mayo (Knock airport, Westport town & environs)
  • County Wicklow (Kilruddery House & Lough Tay, Bray-Greystones cliff walk)
  • Dublin City (Temple Bar)
  • County Clare (Cliffs of Moher)

Background to the film & production

Starring Lindsey Lohan, who incidentally has Irish roots, ‘Irish Wish’ is a comedy-drama film that follows the journey of a young woman whose special wish is granted, leading her on a voyage of adventure, love and self-discovery.

The movie commenced filming in Ireland in September of 2022 in various locations on the east and west coast of the country, most notably at the iconic Cliffs of Moher, Wicklow and Westport town.

Lohan had some great things to say about her first visit to the Emerald Isle when she commented, “Ireland’s so beautiful. I’d never been, my grandfather’s from there. We stayed in this little town called Dalkey. The people are so nice, and the Guinness pies were amazing.”

The film also stars Ed Speleers, Jane Seymour (who resides in Dublin) and also Lindsey Lohan’s younger brother, Dakota.

Primary filming locations of ‘Irish Wish’

Westport, County Mayo

Irish Wish filming locations
Westport House: image copyright: sweetisleofmine.com

Located in the county of Mayo in the west of Ireland, Westport is known for its beautiful coastal location along the shores of Ireland’s most beautiful inlet, Clew Bay.

The town is also famous for its close proximity to Ireland’s holy mountain, the majestic Croagh Patrick, which attracts thousands of visitors to the area annually.

As someone who grew up near Westport town, I wondered why this part of Ireland was always overlooked as a filming location, so I guess my curiosity has now been satisfied!

Irish Wish filming locations
The majestic Croagh Patrick & Clew Bay/ image copyright: Failte Ireland/sweetisleofmine.com

Apart from the stunning natural surroundings, Westport is a lively little town which sparks to life in the summer months. There is a wide selection of excellent restaurants and traditional pubs, along with colourful cafes and shopfronts, which all add to the typical west of Ireland charm evident in the film.

One of the chief filming locations in Westport was centred around ‘The Octagon’, a focal point of the town where the main adjoining streets meet.

Just like in the film, this location is decorated beautifully in the summer months with flowers and the statue you see below, namely ‘The Glendenning Memorial’ dates back to 1845.

Irish Wish filming locations
image copyright: ©Christian McLeod/Failte Ireland

In the film, you’ll notice the Wyatt hotel, painted in a marvellous and distinctive yellow colour. This building is also located at ‘The Octagon’ and is a place known for its comfortable accommodation in the most perfect of town centre locations.

Check out our visitors’ guide to Westport here.

There are numerous other scenes set in the rolling drumlin hills around Westport and the aerial view you see when Lohan’s character meets Speleers on the bus is along the coast road between The Quays and Croagh Patrick, location here.

We get another few glimpses of the area with an aerial shot of the magnificent Clew Bay (still frame below) although I feel they did not catch the real essence of the bay, with its iconic 365 islands. Have a look here to see Clew Bay in all its glory.

Clew Bay/copyright: Netflix

Where to Stay in Westport

Westport provides ample accommodation, from mid-range to luxury hotels, as well as a host of top-quality bed and breakfasts. Should you choose to stay in the town or outside, you’ll find a place to suit your needs and budget.

We recommend spending at least 3 nights in the town in order to get a good feel for the west of Ireland, and this will also give you plenty of time to explore the beautiful surroundings.

We have a detailed guide to our 12 favourite hotels in Westport here.

Knock Airport

The west of Ireland’s main airport, namely Ireland West Airport, Knock also gets briefly featured in the film. The airport serves as a key transportation hub for the region, connecting it to various domestic and international destinations.

Opened in 1986, it plays a significant role in facilitating tourism and business travel to and from the West of Ireland. The airport has mainly connections to the UK but in recent years has expanded its destinations to mainland Europe such as Barcelona and the Canary Islands.

Kilruddery House (County Wicklow)

Irish Wish filming locations
image copyright: Fáilte Ireland/Tourism Ireland 

Kilruddery House is a historic country house located in County Wicklow, on the east coast of Ireland. It is renowned for its stunning gardens, which feature ornate terraces, woodlands, and walks.

The house itself dates back to the 17th century and is an excellent example of the Elizabethan revival style of architecture. In the film, Kilruddery House served as one of the primary filming locations, providing a picturesque backdrop for various scenes.

Irish Wish filming locations
image copyright: Sonder Visuals/Failte Ireland

There are numerous other scenes filmed in the countryside around Kilruddery and the film showcases the lush, green landscapes of County Wicklow, which incidentally is nicknamed ‘The Garden of Ireland’.

Kilruddery House is a ideal place to spend a sunny afternoon. There is a small fee to pay should you wish to view the gardens and tour the house, but there is a lovely tea room, along with a café which looks out over the nearby rolling green countryside.

Irish Wish filming locations
image copyright: Sonder Visuals/Failte Ireland

Did you know? Kilruddery has featured in a large number of screen productions such as: Excalibur, The Tudors, Angela’s Ashes, Camelot, Becoming Jane, Ella Enchanted and The Count of Monte Cristo.

Lough Tay (County Wicklow)

Irish Wish filming locations
image via Failte Ireland

The scenic Lough Tay (Loch Té) also makes an appearance on ‘Irish Wish’. This is where the group take the boats out into the lake after crossing over the picturesque ‘Viking Bridge’. It’s also on the shores of Lough Tay where Maddie makes here wish on the wishing chair, next to the cherry tree.

Unfortunately, these enthralling, almost fairy tale-like locations can’t be visited by members of the public as they are part of the privately owned Luggala estate. What a shame…But there are some spectacular viewpoints located along the scenic R759 road.

You’ll notice the beautiful white sands on its northern shore, along with its distinctive black waters. This earned it the nickname ‘The Guinness lake’. Coincidentally, the surrounding lands were owned by the actual Guinness family!

The lake is situated within the Wicklow Mountains, forming part of the Wicklow Mountains National Park. Lough Tay is bordered by the steep mountains of Luggala and Djouce and can be viewed when driving the Sally Gap, one of Ireland’s most beautiful drives and only 40 km south of Dublin city.

Bray – Greystones Cliff walk (County Wicklow)

Irish Wish filming locations
image copyright: sweetisleofmine.com

In the film we catch a glimpse of the Bray to Greystones cliff walk, which serves as an idyllic and dramatic backdrop for some of the more romantic scenes.

It actually appears that the Cliffs of Moher are also present in these scenes. Those not aware that these 2 locations are in opposite sides of the country wouldn’t even bat an eyelid!

Some careful editing manages to beautifully integrate the wildflowers and turquoise waters of Wicklow with the spectacular ruggedness of the Cliffs of Moher.

Irish Wish filming locations
image copyright: sweetisleofmine.com

The Bray to Greystones cliff walk itself is a stunning coastal hike along the Irish Sea, offering spectacular views. The trail stretches for about 7 kilometres, starting in the town of Bray and ending in Greystones. It’s a popular route for walkers, offering a great trail, beautiful coastal scenery, and fresh Irish sea air.

Irish Wish filming locations
image via Tourism Ireland Media Room

Along the way, you’ll pass by landmarks like Bray Head (with its iconic cross, see image above), the Bray Head Hotel and miles upon miles of wild heather and gorse. One of the main advantages of this walk is that it is accessible by train (DART) from Dublin city.

Having personally completed this walk numerous times, I highly recommend it for those spending only a few days in Dublin, but willing to experience the great Irish outdoors. By the way, the train journey from the city to Bray is possibly Ireland’s most scenic.

Temple Bar (Dublin)

Irish Wish filming locations
Outside Quays Bar, Temple Bar/ Brian Morrison © Tourism Ireland

It has been reported that Temple Bar doubled up as a bar in New York in certain scenes of the production.

Temple Bar is an area of Dublin City known for its vibrant nightlife and very expensive Guinness! Here, on a nightly basis you’ll get to experience Irish music and craic (Irish word for ‘fun’) in all its glory.

Many choose to prioritise Temple Bar on their trip to Dublin, and although its is tremendous fun, don’t overlook the many other fine establishments in the city, such as The Gravediggers, The Stag’s Head or The Long Room.

If wishing to visit Temple Bar at a quieter time of the year, we recommend the month of January, when the excellent annual Irish music festival takes place, Tradfest.

Cliffs of Moher (County Clare)

Irish Wish filming locations
image copyright: Chaosheng Zhang

Ireland’s most visited natural attraction (over 1 million annual visitors) and a true feast for the eyes, the iconic Cliffs of Moher are located on the west coast of Ireland, in County Clare.

For those of you not aware of the cliffs, they will certainly catch your eye while watching the film! The cliffs span a total distance of 8km (5 miles) from north to south and reach a height of 214 metres (702 feet)

While not the highest cliffs in Ireland, they are still a sight to behold, dropping vertically into the pounding waters of the wild Atlantic below.

Irish Wish filming locations
image copyright: sweetisleofmine.com

In fact, the cliffs are no stranger to Hollywood, having featured in ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’, as well as ‘Leap Year’. Little wonder that ‘Irish Wish’ chose this backdrop for the more climatic scenes of the film.

The cliffs are also home to over 30,000 seabirds of over 30 varieties. In the early summer months, you’ll likely catch a glimpse of the much-loved puffins and keep an eye out for those gannets, as they dive torpedo-style into the intimidating waters below.

Yep, a trip to the Cliffs of Moher is certainly an experience but one you’ll be sharing with many other visitors. We recommend visiting late in the evening for that magical west of Ireland sunset and fewer crowds.

Irish Wish filming locations
image via Failte Ireland

If planning a visit, a good place to base yourself would be Galway city, 1.5 hours away. Galway is the cultural hub of Ireland and there are numerous spectacular day trips on its doorstep, all of which you can find here. It’s also full of life with festivals galore, a vibrant arts scene and some top class pubs and restaurants.


‘Irish Wish’ has certainly treated us to some magically cinematic locations and whether a romantic comedy is your cup of tea or not, you will be left with some beautiful impressions of Ireland. From the wild and rugged west coast cliffs to the softer, lush landscapes of Wicklow, the film showcases Ireland beautifully.

Needless to say, these locations are only the tip of the iceberg. For a small country, there are few places that match the sheer variety of natural landscapes on offer.

Feel free to have a browse around our site, as we continue to write about our favourite places on the west coast of Ireland, as well as offering honest local knowledge and travel advice.

Are these beautiful locations on your wish list?

Your questions about ‘Irish Wish’ answered

Where was ‘Irish Wish’ filmed?’

‘Irish Wish’ was filmed in the Irish counties of Wicklow and Mayo. In Wicklow, the locations of Kiruddery House, Lough Tay and the Bray Cliff walk were used. In Mayo, many scenes were filmed in Westport and environs. The iconic Cliffs of Moher, County Clare also make a brief, yet memorable appearance.

Can you visit the house where ‘Irish Wish’ was filmed?

Yes, Kilruddery House & Gardens in County Wicklow, Ireland is open to the public and it’s possible to tour the house and gardens. The beautiful country estate also has tea rooms, a café and hosts a farmer’s market regularly.

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